Wendy run away with me.. I wanna be your lost boy, your last chance

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Not that girl anymore.

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When I saw you I could hardly breathe. You looked just llike him. All I wanted to do was to be in your arms just like I was in his. Would it feel the same? At that moment I didn't care, I was to drunk to over analyze it. If that night would have been 5 months ago we would have ended in bed, but I'm not that kind of girl anymore. But I cant say that is wasn't fucking hard to not just grab your neck and kiss you. 
As the clothes fell of more and more everything went harder. Yor smile, your hands on my naked back, your eyes, AAAAH.
Why do I shut eberybody out all the time.. I should have just seized the moment and everything else would have been so much easier. I could maybe stop thinking about how I would have feel with your lips on mine. 
But I'm not that kind of girl anymore.

My lungs gave out as I faced the crowd

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Tumblr, probably the weirdest website of all time, I fucking love it.

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Rockin the fall whether

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I know we tried several years ago, and my feelings weren't strong enough. It all broke down and we had to start all over as only friends. Even tough we have only been friend I have always admired you. You know why? Because you are the kindest, most beautiful person I've ever known. Yesterday, when that kiss on my neck appeared out of nowhere I felt this kind of warm rush through my whole body. Is this what i think it is? Do you feel the same? Maybe it was a friendly kiss on the neck.. a friendly kiss that changed my whole perspective. Do I dare to take the chance again? Are we right for each other? What if i screw it up all over again. Don't know what to do. What if I'm wrong...

Hej Läsare!

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Eftersom ni börjat öka i statistiks-kurvan blir jag nyfiken på vad ni gör här? Berätta gärna och tyck till om min blogg! Skulle var guld värt för mig att få veta. XoXo

Focus on the right things

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I'm not myself you see

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Calm down

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Abraham took isaac's hand
And led him to the lonesome hill
While his daughter hid and watched
She dared not breathe she was so still

Just as an angel cried for the slaughter
Abraham's daughter raised her voice

Then the angel asked her what her
Name was she said I have none
Then he asked how can this be
My father never gave me one

And when he saw her raised for the slaughter
Abraham's daughter raised her bow
How darest you child defy your father
You better let young isaac go