No one there to judge me, neither to love me.

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I stand by the mirror. Just staring at my naked body. I don't know if I should judge or cherish it. Am I beautiful?
Whatever it doesn't matter. I have no one to judge me about it. I glance at the bed behind me. Nope. No one there. Either no one to say I'm beautiful. It doesn't matter how I look. No one care. It's only me. I don't need that stupid make up. I don't have to look good for anyone. Does who matter don't mind. What more do I need?
I stare at the bed again. No one there. Sometimes I wish it was. Someone that can look at me and say that I'm beautiful just as I am, not bacause it is true to the world, only because it is true in that persons eyes.
I stare at the mirror. Everything isn't perfect. But it is me. And I know I'm not going to feel better by hating my self. I've done that enough already.
I'm gonna cherish it. For my own sake. Not because of the empty bed.



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