With tears in my eyes i write.

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With tears in y eyes, I write. With tears in my eyes, I wait. With tears in my eyes I turn my face away so people wont see. So they wont see what I am hiding. 
The pain from the call I got, the surreal call I got. It felt like a dream. At first it was not weird at all, just because that is the way it is in dreams, you can see a flying green pig and it wouldn't seem weird or wrong. You can have a conversation with a flower and you wouldn't even flinch, because that is not unusual. 
A call about your friend might having cancer wouldn't be sad. In real life you can't compare with a dream. No matter what, the real life will hunt you up and not let you have a moment of silence in your head. 
I just want to scream. Why her? 
One of my favorite quotes is " Everything happens for a reason" WHAT THE FUCK IS THE REASON WITH CANCER?! I don't fucking understand. 
Fuck this. 

My girl. If you see this some day. I love you. And if the worst did come true (It wont, it just won't), you know that no matter what, we will get through this. It is okey. Together forever and always. You will make it and when you do that I will be right by your side. I Love you